Infinitea Originals' French Connection

on August 14, 2020

Sylvie Kranzler, French national champion in horse jumping and a tea connoisseur.

The allure of tea has inspired great works of art, spiritual breakthroughs, and even launched wars. From time immemorial, there have been a happy few whose love of tea has led them to seek, find, and savour extraordinary treasures. 

While early tea lovers had to travel for months and years to procure their beloved beverage, modern aficionados of tea have been freed from the shackles of time and distance. 

A chance encounter

When Dan Kranzler from France stopped by one of the Infinitea Restaurants in Bangalore on his tour of the South of India in March 2020, little did he expect to be greeted by a treasure trove of the finest tea in the world. 

He yielded to the temptation of the famed Darjeeling Muscatel and bought several kilograms of the tea to take back home. 

“My wife, Sylvie and I really enjoyed the tea. We drink at least 10 cups everyday” Dan admitted.

Soon, they craved more of the excellent flavour of Infinitea Originals Darjeeling Muscatel tea.

From India with love

Having run out of their first batch of Infinitea Originals tea, Dan reached out to our Tea Master Gaurav Saria to arrange for a new shipment to be sent to their home in France. 

“My wife was delighted with the rare flavour of Infinitea Originals Darjeeling Muscatel,” said Dan.

Along with being the French national champion in horse jumping, Dan’s wife Sylvie is also a discerning tea connoisseur.

Sylvie Kranzler horse jumping.

“I can confidently say that I am a believer,” said Dan. 

Having received their shipment within a matter of weeks, the Kranzlers are now eagerly waiting for the 2020 Darjeeling First Flush.