Only the finest for your tea-drinking experience.

The pleasure of tea is far too serious to gamble on.

Like all good things, good tea needs the utmost care and nurturing to bring out its best quality. It is important for us to find a tea that presents the most value and the greatest experience. This is the trick to finding quality.

In the beginning

The origin of a tea speaks more about its quality than its taste.
The best teas originate from gardens that are equipped to produce a standard quality despite the shifting natural variables.
Each harvest is subjected to factors like garden altitude, wind, humidity, sun exposure, and processing methods used. Even a slight shift in these conditions can alter the character of the tea not just with the seasons but also from day to day.
This is why we selectively source all our teas from our own tea gardens. Here, we understand each shifting variable and know how to stabilise it. Not many tea gardens follow such stringent quality control measures. Those which do, are now a part of our trusted global network.

Selection of the fittest

Each batch of tea at Infinitea undergoes rigorous quality testing. First, at the very source, the garden. Then, at our Tea Lab where Tea Master Gaurav carries out several rounds of tests.
The look and feel of the leaves are the obvious markers for selecting good tea. Beyond that, he inspects the roll of the tea leaves. Improper rolling causes imbalance in the flavour profile of the cup.
Then he steeps the leaves in hot water and checks the wet leaves. The wet leaves should have unfurled completely. If the leaves have a mottled appearance, it means the withering at the tea garden has not been even. This results in weak flavours.

Flavour profiling

The complexity of flavour that comes with high-quality tea approaches the complexity of a robust wine. Unravelling the nuances of the flavours of each tea is a highly intuitive exercise.

Every season, our Tea Master tastes different batches of tea, carefully noting the cup colour, aroma, texture and flavours of each.

Here, he trusts his distinct palate which, over the years, has become sensitive to even the subtlest of differences.

This proficiency in flavour profiling is what has enabled our Tea Master to design and handcraft his signature tea blends and fruit melanges.


People often believe that the central idea behind curation is that in a collection every tea should be of high quality. But what really holds the collection together is how well these teas support each other. Harmony is vital in curation.

Collective compatibility with individual distinction is what makes a great collection.

We work hard to ensure that each tea in our collection stands to offer you something different.


We ensure that what reaches you is the original strength of the tea as developed in its source garden.
Which is why we store our products in a temperature and humidity controlled facility.

Our packet is ideal for storage of tea for short periods provided one takes care and the necessary precautions in storing it. You should seal the zip lock carefully and press lightly to check the seal. Keep the packet away from heat, aromas and moisture in a cool, dark place. When opening the seal to take tea out from the packet for brewing, ensure that you seal it back as quickly as possible and that the packet is not left open as this will lead to loss of aromas.

Infinitea believes in delivering premium teas to you, the discerning consumer. The best of every season’s produce. Straight from their gardens of origin.


We maintain high standards of quality and hygiene during the entire sourcing, manufacturing, processing and packaging cycle.