A Charming Autumnal Palette
to Sip, Savour, and Cherish

on September 12, 2023

As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to turn vibrant shades of red and gold, there's a magical transformation in the air. Autumn has arrived, bringing with it a crisp breeze and a yearning for warmth and comfort. What better way to embrace the beauty of the season than by indulging in the cosy embrace of a warm cup of tea?

Join us as we explore a selection of teas perfectly suited to the spirit of the season.

Assam Orthodox

Imagine strolling through an autumn forest, surrounded by the warm, earthy aromas of fallen leaves and damp soil. That's the feeling you will get when sipping on our flavourful Assam Orthodox. In every sip of this exquisite black tea, you will discover a rich, full-bodied taste complemented by a subtle malty sweetness that provides a comforting warmth you will never want to let go of.

Darjeeling Muscatel

As the summer heat slowly yields to the winter chill, the occasion demands a tea that gracefully complements this gentle transition. Enter Darjeeling Muscatel, a tea of remarkable elegance. Celebrated for its distinctive musky flavour and floral notes, it is a sublime choice for those who cherish the subtleties of tea throughout the ever-changing seasons.

Green Gold

Carefully plucked from high-altitude tea estates in India, our medium-bodied Green Gold tea , although not traditionally categorised as an autumn tea, seamlessly harmonises with the essence of the season. Its sweet flavour, gentle astringency, and uniquely pleasant aroma awaken the senses like a brisk autumn breeze, leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

Earl Grey

In the realm of autumn teas, Earl Grey stands as a timeless muse, offering a citrusy symphony that harmonises beautifully with the colours and scents of fall. A fusion of black Nilgiri tea leaves with the zesty essence of Bergamot oil, every sip serenades the senses. Whether you are seeking comfort or inspiration, Earl Grey presents itself as the perfect go-to companion.

Premium Grade Matcha

For those seeking a touch of self-indulgence, we have our Premium Grade Matcha. While it may not be the typical choice for this season, this tea has a unique way of complementing the fall ambiance. As nature dons its splendid coat of red and gold, this extraordinary elixir, celebrated for its invigorating flavour and nutritional qualities, becomes a comforting source of warmth and vitality.

So, which of these teas do you think could end up being your favourite tea for the season?
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