Kombucha from infinitea

Brewed with single-estate, fine Darjeeling tea leaves. Rich in probiotics. Good for the gut and much more. And uniquely multi-layered in flavour – tangy, slightly sweet with an amazing aftertaste of tea.True only for Kombucha from infinitea.

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Taste matters. The aftertaste, even more.

In its original form, kombucha tastes tangy and mildly sweet.Kombucha from infinitea has the added, unique aftertaste of tea; a rare distinction in the flavour profile of the beverage. Not surprising though when it’s crafted by a tea company and our tea master. Scroll to know how we do it.

It all starts with the tea (we use only fine Darjeeling).Tea leaves are steeped in boiled water for 15 minutes.

Sugar is stirred in until it dissolves.

The sweet tea is allowed to cool down to room temperature and then poured into a glass vessel.

After adding a SCOBY, the mouth of the vessel is covered with a cheesecloth and secured to keep fruit flies at bay. Because one teensy-weensy bug can spoil an entire batch of brew!

The brew is set aside for ~2 weeks; but checked in on every day for flavour.

Once the desired flavour is achieved, the brew is poured into glass bottles with airtight sealing. The bottles are left undisturbed in room temperature, in each other’s company, for 2 to 3 days.
FUN FACT: During this rest, yeasts present in the brew digest the sugars and produce carbon dioxide that results in natural carbonation – the fizz.

The bottles are refrigerated. You can now call the brew Kombucha from infinitea.

We stop at Step 7. Beyond that, there’s no need for us to artificially flavour our brew to mask the flavour of low-grade tea – there’s simply none of that in our kombucha. Preservatives? None of that too.

There is no right way to pronounce 'kombucha'.
You can say it anyway you like;
the kombucha won't mind.
The popular way of
saying it though is kawm·boo·chah.

Ready for a drink, alive and kicking?

Kombucha is a living, enzyme-loaded drink. If the multi-layered taste wasn’t enough, it’s rich in probiotics, antioxidants, glucuronic acid, B vitamins and more. The healthy acids present even work as potential cancer preventives.

Question from the tearoom: Can I pair it with food?

Sure can! Kombucha pairs great with open sandwiches, bruschetta, poutines, sliders, salads and even a good ol’ fish ‘n’ chips. Vegans will be happy to note that the drink is rich in B vitamins.

3 great flavours

Oolong Kombucha Has a floral and fruity aftertaste. Goes great with cheese and olive oil – think salads, pastas and pizzas, (and for that sweet craving) cheesecake and Key lime pie too.

Green Kombucha Is pleasantly tart with a smooth aftertaste of green tea. Pairs great with salads, pizzas, pastas, curries and even cheesecake, Key lime pie and apple pie.

Black Kombucha Is the sweetest of the bunch with a beautiful muscatel flavour. The acidity in the brew offers a refreshing contrast. Enjoy this one with curries, breakfast dishes, desserts, spicy food, and even oily food. What’s more, it’s the drink that every nagging hangover needs.

So go on, pop open a bottle and say cheers to good health!