Eight Winter Teas to Curl Up With

on December 13, 2022

It’s the coldest time of the year but here we are celebrating warmth. Warmth that we seek in colours, company and copious cups of our favourite brew. Magical isn’t it, how tea, even the act of brewing it, can warm the heart and hearth and reinvigorate the senses?

So, ready the throws, the cushions, the novels and the mood lighting… for we are about to share eight soul-nourishing teas that are apt to keep you warm this season.

Darjeeling Muscatel

The Champagne of Teas, this is one of the world’s most effective teas to help thwart winter blues. Crisp and full-bodied, the deep amber brew has a unique 'musky' flavour with a honey finish and floral aroma. The high measure of flavonoids, known to lower bad cholesterol levels, means that you get to enjoy the lavish buffet spreads of the season. Do expect a poetic moment amidst it all though, as you allow the first sip of the tea to transport you to Darjeeling’s mist-laden slopes.

Assam Gold

From the gardens of Assam comes this aromatic and robust tea with a woody feel and earthy aroma. Malty, nutty and bold with a finish of raisins, it is the ideal English breakfast tea to begin your day.

Egyptian Peppermint

Need a quick remedy for that cough, cold or sniffle? Our Egyptian Peppermint tea is just what you need. An intensely aromatic brew that breathes life into one's senses even as it is steeped, this tea possesses a strong minty flavour with spicy undertones and makes for a great after-meal tea. Perfect to lounge with on a lazy afternoon.

Darjeeling Silver Needles

Come winter and this white tea becomes one of the world's most sought-after teas owing to the abundance of disease-preventive antioxidants, which are also key for healthy skin as they help skin repair itself, protect it and fight free radicals. Minimally oxidised, the tea has a mild yet luxurious flavour that is very smooth on the palate.

Culinary Grade Matcha

This powdered green tea is a versatile cooking ingredient that can be added to almost everything – drinks and food, sweet and savoury dishes. In addition to uplifting one’s mood, Matcha is also known to support heart health, boost immunity and is great for skin and hair.

Organic Desi Stress Blocker

This original blend is loaded with the goodness of various Indian superfoods such as Moringa, Turmeric and Amla. The resultant herbal infusion is calming and suitable for any time of the day. It is caffeine-free, rich in vitamin C and is known to ease inflammation and boost one’s mood and immunity.

Strawberry Rose

This original Indian blend features organic ingredients that come together to give a toasty brew. Along with the sweet, pleasing flavours of Rose and Strawberry, Cinnamon in the tea helps warm the body and reduce inflammation. A vibrant pick-me-up, perfect for those cold, grey winters.

Rosehip Hibiscus

A vibrant, full-bodied tea with a sweetish aroma, this infusion is a superb balance of sweet and tart flavours, reminiscent of hot wine on winter evenings. A tea that can be enjoyed both hot and iced, and one known to protect from cold and flu.

So, which of these teas do you think could end up being your favourite winter tea?
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