Tea and Immunity

on June 18, 2021

At infinitea, wellness lies at the heart of all our offerings and activity. Enabling the community to eat well, healthy, and live life to the fullest is what we live by. In recent times, the challenges posed by the pandemic, the changes in lifestyle and weather patterns, make a significant aspect of wellness more important than ever: Immunity.

Scroll to know how our teas act as immunity boosters in the lives of many, daily.

Kombucha, the gut-friendly super-beverage

Modern science recognises the gut microbiome’s role in longevity. Standing tall here is the millennia-tested kombucha  –  a living, enzyme-loaded beverage made by fermenting sweet tea. The healthy yeasts and bacteria in the drink (more than 2 billion in each infinitea Originals Kombucha bottle) help the gut to naturally detox and restore gut flora. Healthy acids present work as potential cancer preventives. Kombucha also has a high level of antioxidants and B12, an essential vitamin largely wanting in a vegan diet.

White Tea, the defence against free radicals

Antioxidants help in neutralising free radicals  –  unstable molecules that can damage cells in the body, causing illness and aging. As a food, Tea contains the highest level of antioxidants; greater than even broccoli. Among the teas, White Tea, also known as Yin Zhen and Silver Needles, contains three times the level of antioxidants when compared to green and black teas; making it an excellent daily beverage for a healthy, balanced immune system.

Matcha, for immunity through the daily grind

The Japanese have a unique and refreshing take on everything, and their Matcha is a wonderful gift to the world. A potent source of nutrients and antioxidants, our stone-milled powdered, water-soluble whole leaf green tea also contains L-theanine; an amino acid that helps in weight loss, improving cognition, reducing blood pressure, and boosting the immune system.

Herbal Teas, for diverse and focused immunity

The beauty of herbs is that they can strengthen a particular organ in the body and even address a specific ailment. Take sleep deprivation, for instance, which can affect the immune system. Here comes in the Chamomile Tea. Since time immemorial, this tea has been used to calm people down and aid in sleeping. Colicky children, and pregnant women too, are prescribed this brew since it is caffeine-free.

Our Egyptian Peppermint works wonders on people with sore throats, common cold, and a running nose. True for more than the 15 years that we have been offering it.

Our Organic Spearmint has numerous health-benefiting vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients; that relax the stomach muscles and aid in addressing digestive problems. As does our Basil Tea.

Our Organic Lemongrass has a calming effect and is consumed before bedtime to induce sleep. Since this tea has antipyretic properties, it is recommended for addressing fever, cramps, and even stress.

The Organic Desi Stress Blocker is packed with amazing immunity boosters from India. It contains Lemongrass and Lemon Peel which is loaded with Vitamin C and Amla – a superfruit. The tea also contains turmeric which is packed with curcumin that has a multitude of health benefits.

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Here’s wishing you, from all of us at infinitea Originals, the best of immunitea.